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Marriages NOT Made in Heaven: Issue – #6 13/6/13

Forced Marriage by Religious Leaders in Canada ~ Shirley Gillett, FMP Coordinator   We’ve all heard the stories out of Bountiful BC’s polygamous Mormon sect (FLDS)[1] where young girls were trafficked between communities in the US and Canada, and forced into polygamous marriages to men often older than their fathers. And we may have heard […]

Issue #5 – 15/4/13

Disposable Daughters Story by : S.C. Gillett     Recently, a heart-wrenching story in The New York Times (March 31, 2013) told of a father being forced to give his six-year-old daughter in marriage, as payment for a loan to cover medical bills that he was unable to repay. “She does not know what is […]

Issue #4 – 5/3/13

The “Broken Bride” Project – An Interview with John Onuoha  ~ Shirley Gillett, FMP Coordinator   FMP: How did you become interested in the issue of forced marriage? JOHN: To start with, my sister’s case inspired me to write the book, Broken Bride. Seeing her gradually breaking down into something I would call a living death after a failed […]