Network of Agencies

How to Become Part of NAAFM

Your organization can partner in our efforts by contributing as a member of the Network of Agencies Against Forced Marriage (NAAFM). The NAAFM acts as a multi-agency community resource to provide immediate and responsible assistance to clients facing a forced marriage.

NAAFM expects its membersĀ  to:

  • Be working or interested in working on the issue of forced marriage
  • Participate in meetings of the NAAFM and other joint events
  • Be willing to provide contact information and be listed as a member
  • Have at least one staff member willing to be trained on the issue of forced marriage and to be available to respond to cases of forced marriage

If your agency or organization would like to become a member of the NAAFM please contact the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario (SALCO) at:

45 Sheppard Ave. East, Suite 106A, Toronto ON, M2N 5W9

Tel.: 416-487-6371

Fax: 416-487-6456


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