Issue #2 -18/1/13

The Revolution Has Begun 

 When 10-year-old Nujood Ali entered a courtroom in Yemen and demanded a divorce from the abusive man she had been forced to marry, she started a revolution. Her courageous act encouraged other girls in forced marriages to come forward and demand their freedom. It also brought worldwide attention to the issue of forced and early marriages and the suffering they brought to so many girls and women.

In the ensuing years, movements to end forced marriage, sexual assault, and all forms of violence against women have been growing. More and more women and girls have spoken out and demanded change.  The numbers and the volume have been ramped up. These demands are not coming from one particular country or culture or religion. They are being heard from large cosmopolitan cities to remote rural villages. Women are rising in the East, the West and everywhere in between. And the momentum is building.