Project Activities

The “I Do!” Youth Initiative

Project Activities:

GRAPHIC ARTS – In April and May 2012, a group of young women, as well as, young women, gathered every week to learn graphic arts and poster making skills. They discussed the topics of healthy and unhealthy relationships. By the end of this workshop series, they created their own posters about gender violence and forced marriage.

SPOKEN WORD – In October and November 2012, “I do!” will work with two groups of young women who will learn spoken word art writing and performing techniques for expressing their views about forced marriage. At the end of this series, they will perform their resulting poetry at a Spoken Word event.

FILM-SCREENING EVENTS – As mentioned earlier, an important component of the project was film. The purpose of filming “I do!” was to create a documentary that would carry the message of young women’s empowerment and solidarity against forced marriages in Canada.

February 2013, the documentary was completed and two film screening events were held to raise awareness in the community, as well as, to reach out to more youth. You can read more about this exciting event HERE.

PSA FOR LAIDLAW FOUNDATION – March – April 2013 the project will end with the creation of a PSA that speaks on the topic of forced marriage. It will be featured on the Laidlaw Foundation’s website. Subscribe to the FMPE-NEWSLETTER” for news on its premier!

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