Circles of Support

Creating Circles of Support

Human beings by themselves can be very fragile. But when they join together in a protective Circle of Support they can be amazingly strong.

In a Circle of Support, all members vow to use their strength, knowledge, love and resources to support and protect each other, and to support and protect any person or group that needs their help. You can create a Circle of Support with your friends, your classmates, or by doing a call out on social media sites or at a workshop or conference on forced marriage.  

A Circle of Support requires all members to take a vow to end forced marriage and all violence, abuse, exploitation and bullying. Each member of the Circle also takes a vow to protect the other members of the Circle and to stand as a group and form a Circle of Support around others who are being abused, bullied or forced into marriage.

Even if no one in your own Circle of Support is at risk of forced marriage you will need to understand the issue and vow to protect anyone who faces a forced marriage.  Someone who is at risk may join your Circle in the future. Or you may come across a classmate, neighbour or even a total stranger who needs your help.

When a member of your Circle of Support, or anyone you come across, is at risk of forced marriage or any other form of violence or abuse, the Circle will surround that person physically and emotionally to protect them and to support them with all the resources the Circle has available.

This is a personal vow for your own Circle of Support.

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