Become Part of the Movement 3

How to Become Part of the Movement
to End Forced Marriage

3) Spread the Word and Take Action

Start a Petition

on,, or  Your petition can be created to help a particular person (e.g. someone who should be allowed to stay in Canada because they face forced marriage in their home country), to change a law that works against survivors, or to encourage politicians or others with power to do more to end forced marriage.

Share an Action

Ideas that work in one part of Canada, or in one part of the world, may also work in another.  When you see a good idea, take action.  Share it, promote it, see if it’s possible to do something similar in your community.


The “Occupy Wall street” action and the “Slutwalk” marches spread like wildfire around the world because they tapped into issues that are of concern globally – “Occupy” actions are concerned with the corruption of economic institutions and policies, and the failure of governments and institutions to help the most vulnerable; “Slutwalk” marches are concerned with getting the message out that victims are not responsible for rape – rapists are the ones who should be held accountable, and that men and women need to work together to end violence against ALL women.

Forced marriage is a global problem, happening on every continent and in most countries.  If you share, or start, an action and promote it, others may help to turn it global.

Start an Action

Many of the most effective actions were initially started by one or two individuals. Come up with a creative idea to put an end to forced marriage, or to draw attention to the damage forced marriage does in people’s lives. Then spread the word.

  • Circulate your action on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
  • Post it on websites that allow the posting of events and actions.
  • Send it via email to everyone you know.
  • Create an informative, attention-grabbing short video and post it to YouTube.  Then get all your friends and family to post the link on their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and email lists.

You Can Be Part of the Revolution
to End Forced Marriage Now!


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