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Newspaper and Magazine Articles

  1. Forced to wed: ‘they think they’re doing what’s best for the child’   Aulakh, R. (2009, November 14). The Toronto Star. Retrieved from here
  2. ‘I was forced to marry my cousin- it’s normal in my culture, but SO WRONG’ – Click here
  3. Stinger, D. (2011, October 10). UK to consider criminalizing forced marriages. Europe on msnbc. Retrieved from  here
  4. ‘Forced Marriages driving human trafficking, UN says’ by Juliet Shwe Gaung – Click here
  5. Burma: Kachin women trafficked into forced marriages, prostitution in China – Click here
  6. Governments Respond to Rising Trend of LGBTQ people in forced marriages  by Matt Comer – Click here